iLogic Tutorial – Derived Block Library – 04

iLogic Tutorial –  04 –  Creating the Last Library Sketches

One last thing to do in this portion of this iLogic tutorial is to add a small horizontal construction line to the upper part of the vertical line on the left, then split the line. Dimension the little section at .o3125. This will become the insertion point for the block.

iLogic Tutorial Derived Block Library Page Four Image 01 - Create Construction Line

Now it is time to create a block from the sketch. Up on the Layout Panel, you need to grab the Create Block tool. When the dialog box opens up, name the block Amana 54115, then select each line in the sketch as shown below. When done doing that, click the Select Insertion Point button and select the junction between the two lines just created. There is a place to add a description, and I have done so in the past, but I have yet to be able to find out how to access this info after clicking OK. Having said that, click OK to create the block.

iLogic Tutorial Derived Block Library Page Four Image 02 - Insertion Point

You will now have a Blocks folder in the feature browser, and it will contain the Amana 54115 block you just created. You now need to do the same for the rest of the profiles using the information found on the Amana Raised Panel Profiles website. Some of the profiles found there are better than others –none are complete. Good luck.(you can download the completed part here at: Amana_Raised_Panel.ipt if you don’t want to go down this road).

iLogic Tutorial Derived Block Library Page Four Image 03 - The finished profiles

This part is now complete….except, you may need to mark all of the blocks as an Export Object at this point. I have my program set to allow them to be exported whether checked or not, so I do not need to take this step. It’s quicker that way. To mark the blocks for export, right click the block and choose Export Object from the list.

iLogic Tutorial Derived Block Library Page Four Image 04 - Mark for export

Next we will create the panel part and derive these blocks into it…

– iLogic Tutorial for the Derived Block Library –



Derived Block Library

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