iLogic Tutorial – Derived Block Library – 03

iLogic Tutorial – 03 – Even More Library Sketch Creation

Now the profiles that will be used to create the block library can be sketched. Begin a new sketch on the XY plane and name it Sketch 54115. Now go to the grid opening for this sketch, and project the top, bottom, and left lines from the grid to the new sketch so that you will have geometry to constrain your sketch to. Now make a construction line over to the left side of the opening and dimension it (an arbitrary dimension). You should have a fully constrained sketch that looks a lot like the one below…

iLogic Tutorial Derived Block Library Page Three Image 01 - Creating the iLogic grid

The image below comes from the Amana website, clicking it will open the image in a new browser window so that you can use it to dimension this sketch. For the rest of them, you will need to visit the Amana Raised Panel Profiles section of their website…

iLogic Tutorial Derived Block Library Page Three Image 02 - The iLogic profiles

Once you have completed the sketch, you may or may not have something that looks like mine below.

Note: The image on the website is missing so much information that you have to guess at the majority of the dimensions. This is typical, and will be found on the majority of the manufacturer supplied info you will find out there. If you need accuracy, and you damn well should, you will need to contact the manufacturer for the missing info, which can take days at best. It sucks, but hopefully they can be convinced to supply accurate block libraries, and or parts sometime in the near future. Some already do, but there are the exception, not the rule…

– iLogic Tutorial for the Derived Block Library –



Derived Block Library

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