iLogic Tutorial – Derived Block Library – 02

iLogic Tutorial –  02 – More Library Sketch Creation

Rename this sketch Grid, then turn off the dimension visibility, and save the part as Amana_Raised_Panel.ipt. You should have a grid/table like the one shown below….

iLogic Tutorial Derived Block Library Page Two Image 01 - Rename the parametric sketch

 The grid you have just created does absolutely nothing but organize the profiles to be created in the next step, but the neatness will be appreciated by everyone downstream who needs to use your library. Now, use the online drawings to create the Amana Raised Panel Profiles.

You will notice that some dimensions are missing. You will need to make them up with a best guess as I did. Hopefully in the next few years Amana, Eagle, Whiteside, or one of the many others will start putting real, accurate CAD info online –hopefully libraries such as this so that the user is not forced to do the work they should be doing. But enough ranting for now. On with the design…

The parts I found were numbered between 54115 and 54121 with 54120 missing for a total of six parts. To begin, create a new sketch on the same plane as the grid (XY), and enter the numbers as shown below…

iLogic Tutorial Derived Block Library Page Two Image 02 - Add the part iLogic numbers

When completed, name this sketch Part Number Text and save.


– iLogic Tutorial for the Derived Block Library –



Derived Block Library

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