iLogic Tutorial – Derived Block Library – 01

iLogic Tutorial – 01 – Creating the Library Sketches

This tutorial will not cover the basics. If you need the basics, check out the iDoor tutorial first. What we will cover in this tutorial will be the creation of a sketch block library that can be derived into parts.

What this does is it provides a centralized source for full block libraries of things such as cutters, extrusion profiles, or any other kind of 2D profile that will be reused in multi-solid parts designs or in kinematic studies. When deriving these libraries into a new design, any or all of the blocks can be brought into the design, and the initial decision can be added to or subtracted from at any time.

To begin with, I made a simple grid to hold the six raised panel router profiles made by Amana Tool. I choose Amana because it was the first router bit manufacturer that had dimensions on their website — although some were less than complete.

iLogic Tutorial Derived Block Library Page One Image 01 - The Gridwork

To create the grid, I drew a two point rectangle starting on the centerpoint on a sketch created on the XZ Origin Plane. I choose this plane to make life easier down the road as there will be no rotating or mirroring of the block later on. I added the little division at the bottom, added the two dimensions and an equal constraint between the dimensioned vertical (right) and top lines. Once all this is done (15 seconds or so), create a rectangular pattern selecting the three horizontal lines and the left vertical as shown below….

iLogic Tutorial Derived Block Library Page One Image 02 - Pattern the sketch

For the direction, select the bottom line and flip the direction if necessary to have the green arrow pointing left. Set the number of instances to six, then highlight the distance number, and select the 3″ dimension created earlier. This last one should show up as d0 or d1 as show below….

iLogic Tutorial Derived Block Library Page One Image 03 - The settings

When your settings look like the dialog box above. Click OK to accept the values.


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