Free Autodesk Inventor Tutorial Section

Autodesk Inventor Tutorials from ODP are now here at ADI!

As many of our longtime visitors and clients are aware, we also maintained — for better or worse — a website called OpenDesignProject. The ODP was started in 2008 as a place for me to post my thoughts on advancing the design paradigm using Autodesk Inventor. I quickly started adding how-to’s and answering Autodesk Inventor related questions for visitors, which lead to the creation of tutorials and finally my Series Tutorials.

It’s been nearly eight years now, and the hand-coded original site (pretty awesome looking in it’s day!) has long since broken as the web developed in different ways. We just didn’t have time to keep the site, so we spent a good amount of time cobbling the existing site into a stock WordPress theme — which looked lousy — but still allowed a somewhat degraded access to the Autodesk Inventor Tutorials.

These 20 pages of Autodesk Inventor tutorials are not really a series unto themselves, but are more of an addition to the iDoor Series iDoor Series.Which brings us to today. For the last several weeks we have been dismantling the old ODP website and moving the Autodesk Inventor Tutorials here to Applied Design Intelligence where we can better keep an eye on them, and have added some really good navigation so that you have much better access to them. We could have just deleted them, but people are still using them on a regular basis, so here they will stay until they become obsolete and are retired.
Autodesk Inventor Team Web PortalThe more advanced tutorials have been moved to the Cabinet Web Portal, and are being completely updated and expanded upon  for use by our clients. Coming soon in the subscription area is the Mechanical Web Portal — the second in our series of Team Web portals. Team Web portals open right in Autodesk Inventor simply by clicking the Team Web link on the My Home panel of the Get Started tab in Inventor!

If you have any questions regarding where your company is going with Inventor, or perhaps need someone to take a look at what is already implemented, contact us with your concerns and we’ll get back to you ASAP with solutions!