Fractional Dimensions

Fractional DimensionsAs I was creating a drawing style for a client  this evening, it dawned on me that I never mentioned fractional  dimensions!

Everyone knows (or should know) that there are styles for Architectural and Fractional Dimensions in Inventor’s drawing environment, but how about the design (sketch) environment? They are there as well, so If you have been using a chart or calculator to convert fractions to decimals for use in Inventor, you have been wasting your time. All you need to do is type the fraction into the Edit Dimension dialog as shown above, and Inventor will do the rest…

Fractional dimensions in Autodesk Inventor

…and as you can see, Inventor does not just translate the fraction to a decimal, it displays the fraction as well. Sweet…  and it also works for architectural style dimensions…

An Architectural style Fractional Dimension in Autodesk Inventor

They only go to the 64th, but who the hell ever uses 124ths in woodworking anyway?  Nobody does, don’t be ridiculous.

So there you have it. Next time you are modeling something from a set of drawings that calls for 19/32” –just type it into the Edit Dimension dialog and you’re good-to-go!


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