File Management

File Management

As of yet, we have not tried the workflow herein using Vault. The workflow should be the same with the exception of the checking in and out of files. You need to remember that this is a set of files and a workflow –not a program. You will need to maintain a master set of files, and use copies of those files for each job or bid you do. I keep the master files in a folder called Master Files. The file structure I am using is shown below…

 [level-advanced]On the C; drive there is a top level folder named Inventor Modeling, and within there are four folders:

  • Master Files – This is where the master files are stored.
  • Bidding – Contains folders named after the prospective jobs.
  • Current Jobs – Folders here are simply folders moved from the Bidding folder.
  • Archived Jobs – A compressed folder for all non current jobs/bids.

To begin a bid or a job, simply right-click on the Master Files folder, select Copy from the context menu, then right click on the Bidding or Current Jobs folder, and select Paste.

Once you have pasted the folder in the correct place, go there and change the name to the job name. In the image below you can see the copy/pasted Master Files folder within the Bidding folder…

Now change the name of the folder to the job name, in this case, Medical Depot


Now that the Folder is renamed, go into the folder and rename the Project File to the same name as the folder…

 And that’s it for the file structure. When a bid is accepted, the folder is simply dragged into the Current Jobs folder and worked on from there. When a job is complete or a bid is rejected, the jobs folder is dragged into the compressed Archived Jobs folder (right click on the folder, select the Advanced button on the General tab, then set things up as seen below… 

 The text for the folder should be blue in Windows 7.

That’s about it for the file structure. These posts will be updated whenever there are changes so keep an eye on them. If you have any questions, use the Forum or the comments below. [/level-advanced]