Embedded Product Configurator – Automated Pricing

An Embedded Product Configurator with pricing lets your customers design and purchase your product all by themselves!

 Embedded Product ConfiguratorIf you have not visited our website lately, you may have missed an exciting new development – the ability to place an embedded product configurator on your own website!

Below is an example of an embedded product configurator that allow your customers to design and purchase their own custom cabinets directly on your website! We can make configurators for any product, but we will concentrate on custom cabinetry for now in order to show some of the exciting features over the next few posts.

If you are new to 3D models, you can use the tools on the right to move around the model, or use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out as well as click and drag the model. You can also click and hold the left mouse button to rotate the model. Select features from the ‘Options’ panel, and close the panel when you are done to see more of the model. Notice that every choice made affects the price of the cabinet, and that the width choices change depending on the type of cabinet selected! Go ahead, configure the cabinet a bit, then continue with the article below, but keep in mind, the model is not fully featured quite yet..

If you want a 3D model of what you have created, click on the little outputs button in the upper left to download a few types of 3D models……but be aware that we can configure this in numerous different ways. For online sales, an order would go directly to the factory with all of the pertinent information to fulfill the sale, and the sale itself would be finalize by a credit card processor or other means. All of this will be shown in future posts.

Towards the end of this series of posts we will show how cabinet models can be placed into configurable room models, and an entire custom kitchen can be ordered online by the customer!

Here are a few of the exciting features of an embedded product configurator:

  • An embedded product configurator can develop whatever information you need to manufacture the item (drawings, BOM’s, etc). If you sell custom products, the client basically creates their own custom product, and you receive the information needed to build/order what has been designed via email.
  • There are numerous outputs that can be configured for the client including 3D models, quotes, and high quality renderings of the product they have designed.
  • There are numerous style options available to make the configurator match your website seamlessly.  The controls shown above can be swapped out for a very slick interface.
  • The embedded product configurator can be full page if desired which is preferable with large designs such as a full room of cabinets.
  • Instead of direct ordering, the configurator can also be set up for RFQs (request for Quote).
  • The configurator can be open to the public or behind a firewall depending on your needs.
  • There are many more options and possibilities that we will explore in future posts! Make sure you subscribe to our blog to receive updates.

Whatever the product is, we can create an embedded product configurator to both design and sell the product. This ability is going to be incredibly important in the years to come, and the early adopters will likely dominate their markets. Contact us today if you want to discuss further or get your own embedded product configurator project off the ground.