Custom Ladder Configurator

A Custom Ladder Configurator on your Website. Increase sales while eliminating, design/estimating time.

Custom Ladder ConfiguratorThe Custom Ladder Configurator you see below is intended to give an idea of the power behind the the concept of embedded design/sales configurators for custom products. If you currently have ANY product that you need to cobble together drawings/work up a quote for, then a custom product design/sales configurator is for you. Once all of the variables are pulled from wherever they currently reside and are  turned into the rules that define your product, the product and resulting manufacturing information will literally build itself — and the specifications for the product can be supplied in their entirety by the potential client.

Beyond the massive time savings and error reduction, the process of creating the configurator pulls all of the ‘tribal knowledge’ from all of the disparate members of your organization to describe EXACTLY what your product is, why it is that way, how to build it, and ultimately how much it costs!

Please give the Custom Ladder Configurator a spin, but while doing so, please remember that while some of the rules used in this design are close to being correct, in the end it’s just an example. The credit card fulfillment can be changed to a request for quote, the price need not be shown, and a zillion other details that would describe an actual product could be added to the model and/or configurator. Have fun, and take a peek below the configurator for more information, including a fake credit card number to use. Feel free to purchase whatever you wish…

Remember, this model is for demo purposes only, and does not have full functionality! You should be able to get a feel for it from this, but remember that pretty much anything is possible in a real configurator from Applied Design Intelligence.

The fake credit card number for Visa is: 4242424242424242 — you can see the post on Credit Card Fulfillment for more information if you like, or click the little yellow ‘TEST MODE’ button that will appear in the upper right corner after you start the payment process by clicking the ‘Order Now‘ button. If you are new to 3D graphics, you can zoom with your scroll wheel, click and drag/rotate, etc.  You’ll get the hang of it pretty quick. There are also the navigation tools on the right to help you if needed.

Custom Design/Sales Configurator Particulars…

  • Your configurator will be styled to match your website exactly…..or however you want it to look. It’s entirely up to you.
  • Any layout of website can be accommodated. The Custom Ladder Configurator above was created specifically to fit the width of this fixed-width website, but full width or even vertical orientation is possible.
  • Your configurator will be created for your product exactly.
  • Integration with ERP, CRM, and CAD possible.
  • Pretty much any type of output can be configured from glossy prints and a quote for the customer, to automated drawings, DXF’s, PDF’s etc for the stakeholders on the company side.
  • Any payment option can be used including your existing service if applicable. The example our Custom Ladder Configurator above uses Stripe — you can also generate a RFQ or even connect live with a sales person.
  • Help can be static or can include real-time tracking of users on your site for dynamic help and/or better knowledge of your client’s needs.

No need for a Custom Ladder Configurator?

If you manufacture custom ladders you do, but whatever your custom product is, the ability to let your clients design their own version based on every possible option not only saves your company time, but will allow them to explore options your sales personnel may not have thought to ask! Beyond that, the act of building your own product online, and watching a live representation of how various decisions affect the price, gives your potential clients a sense of having ‘skin in the game’ as to the design of their product, which explains the increase in sales when using online sales configurators.

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