Creating a New Application Color Scheme

New Inventor Application Color Scheme

Application Color Scheme – For those of you who have created your own background image for Inventor and need a color scheme to match –or if you just want to fine tune things to fit your style, there is a way to do so.

The stock color schemes that ship with Inventor are, in my opinion, just fine for most people for the majority of uses. But, with a white background such as the one used for the ‘Presentation’ color scheme,  there is a problem with a couple items that use yellow as their color such as the work axes  shown below (click)…

Application Color Scheme Tutorial Image 01

I myself use the Millennium color scheme with a white background (I’ve been using a white image as a background) —-which also, unfortunately,  has yellow work features. It also has yellow under constrained construction lines, which are dashed –making them damn near invisible.

I’ve just been putting up with it for a year or so, but it turns out I could have fine tuned things exactly as I wanted them long ago.

There is a tool in the SDK package that allows you to change the color scheme to whatever you want it to be. It’s called the Quityourbitchin tool, otherwise known as the ColorSchemeEditor.  You can find it here:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 2010\SDK\UserTools\ColorSchemeEditor\

If you have a pre 2010 version of Inventor, I’m not sure if this particular set of tools were included……it is in the 2016 version so it’s still being made. At any rate, if you do have it, read the ReadMe.txt  file you will find in the top level folder. If you are comfortable proceeding, go to the Bin folder and double click InventorColorSchemeEditor.exe.

Application Color Scheme Tutorial Image 02

Clicking ‘Done’ will bring up the ICE editor…

Application Color Scheme Tutorial Image 03


Backing up would be a good thing to do next, but it’s your decision. It’s a good idea though 🙂


Application Color Scheme Tutorial Image 04


.In the image above, you can see a new color scheme ‘White’ that I created. If you create a new color scheme such as this, do not follow the format in the left-hand column as I did. All of that ‘System’ garbage will show up in the Color scheme editor later as you can see to the right…




After deleting my first attempt, here’s what I did to create a new Color Scheme based on Millennium which I called  Millennium LT.

Step one in my case was to record the colors from Millennium. Unlike the Styles Editor, you cannot base a new scheme on an existing scheme. When you start a new scheme you get a blank slate. So what I did was click on Millennium in the Color Schemes list to expose the colors, then did a screen capture with the windows snipping tool to record what was there…

Application Color Scheme Tutorial Image 05

Step two was creating a name (correctly this time). To do so, just click Add on the ICE dialog and add the new scheme’s name…

Application Color Scheme Tutorial Image 06


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