Overview of the Standardized Design Process

The rules generated during the construction of your configurator forces you into a Standardized Design Process in a way that having a list of standards (or possibly not even that) cannot. Having many people touch a given design will inevitably lead to deviation from standards AND extra time and effort required to (try to) enforce those standards.

Embedded Standards

With Applied Design Intelligence configurators, we embed a company standard module into every configurator that is only editable by authorized personnel. When company standards are updated, the updates automatically flow to every configured model. This method of embedded standardization will result in gains in efficiencies due to less errors and the resultant rework, yet will still allow design flexibility wherever it is possible. Some of the Standardized Design Process solutions are:

  • Rapid creation and deployment of new standards
  • Easy access to standards
  • Assured compliance with regulatory, company, industry, and other standards.
  • Standards are never outdated
  • Homogenization of “tribal” knowledge
  • Higher stakeholder buy-in

Standards Implementation

Success in implementing a Standardized Design Process depends on the collection and dissemination of what is usually widely scattered tribal knowledge and many times includes contradictory written specifications located in a myriad of places, and likely never updated. What we strive to achieve for you is:

  • A drastically reduced learning curve for new users.
  • Less new users required.
  • Less training burdens on current staff.
  • Less time spent looking for answers.
  • Less out-of-standard errors.
  • Far less time to develop new products in conjunction with more time to spend on them.

Your company is likely are far from Lean in your design standards. Contact us today to get the ball rolling!