Rules Based Engineering With Autodesk Inventor entails the capture and embedding of the knowledge behind your companies design and engineering processes and using this knowledge to create rules that are used as the backbone of your design processes moving forward, and are refined continuously as your products and processes develop.

Capturing the Knowledge

If capturing, standardizing, then reusing your design/engineering knowledge seems to be a daunting task, well, quite frankly it is –which is why most companies are likely to have limited success at best, and put a great deal of time into the effort. One of the best ways to approach this daunting task is to have ADI create a configurator or work with your engineering/design department on current projects, gathering the information and creating the rules along the way. This method has the following benefits:

  • Allows work in progress to continue with minimal disruption.
  • Staff can implement the rules as they are created for a smooth transition.
  • Realize a return on investment almost immediately.
  • Beneficial work done on a current project.

Working with you

As we help create content for the current project, we keep in continuous contact with your engineers/designers to develop the rules we need to build the model. Conflicting information is resolved and codified in the rules before continuing. A master rules document is developed in parallel that can be viewed by all stakeholders to insure the embedded iLogic coded rules are correct.


  • Automate tasks.
  • Embedded knowledge means no wasted time looking for answers.
  • Faster training and less strain on existing employees.
  • Reuse today’s knowledge on tomorrow’s project.
  • Less rework.
  • Rapid, accurate estimates.

Rules Based Engineering is economical for any size company The benefits start to be realized immediately, and progress until your product development department is a lean, mean, designing machine. Don’t let the competition get the jump on you on this one!

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