Design Modularization

Design Modularization allows for the production of a wide range of products that can vary based on end users, market segment, local code, or simply customer preference. Using the knowledge captured for the Rules Based Engineering scheme, we build modularization into sub assembles and parts to create building blocks –the DNA if you will, of your product. Modules can be pre-placed instances that come and go automatically as the design dictates, or can be manually placed were it is desirable, or any combination of the two that will get you where you need to go.

Some examples of products that lend themselves to modularization include:

  • Metal Structures (electric enclosures, cooling towers, etc.).
  • Storage Tanks
  • Food Processing Ovens/Refrigerators
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Commercial Cabinetry

Of course the list would go on and on because nearly any product line can be modularized to some degree. What we do in the course of our Configurator Creation is find those places where modularization fits, and apply it to your design process. Because the modularization gets it’s intelligence from the Rules Based Engineering embedded in the model itself, the modules will never become obsolete, they will simply advance via continuous improvement.


  • Consistent designs
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Rapid response to internal or external change
  • Reuse designs
  • Shorter time to market
  • Rapid custom order bids
  • Increased standardization
  • Assured code compliance

Design modularization is not new, it has been used in many of the transportation industries for quite some time, and  is making its way deeper into the construction industry every year. What is relatively new is the availability of high powered low cost engineering/design tool such as Autodesk Inventor with iLogic that bring powerful modularization tools to any company that desires them.

Contact us today and we will show you how Design Modularization can revolutionize your design process, and possibly your entire way of doing business!