Configurator Package Deal for Cabinetmakers

Configurator Jump-Start for Commercial Cabinetmakers using Autodesk Inventor

The amount of requests we get for cabinet configurators has been overwhelming as of late – which is a good thing – but at the same time we are writing code for our new Inventor Cabinetmaking Software, posting tutorials on the Open Design Project, Consulting, and are knee deep in the professionally produced tutorials we produce every year at this time for an Autodesk Certified Learning Partner. In short, we are swamped.

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This is the main base cabinet Configurator included in the Cabinetmakers Configurator Package Deal

Because we cannot possibly create cabinet configurators for all of the requests within a reasonable time frame, we have come up with a damned fine solution. A package of Two Cabinet Configurators (should represent in the neighborhood of 90% of your product), Training Materials, a Room Configurator, Counter Top and Hardware Configurators, and all of the necessary ancillary files and workflows to get a commercial cabinet shop up and running with Inventor immediately –at a price that is generally less than the canned Inventor training from others.

This is the Room Configurator included in the Cabinetmakers Configurator Package Deal

Configurators Customized Specifically For You

This is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution. Each configurator is created to the exact construction style of the shop it is created for. We do limit the scope of their configurability to a reasonable set of values, which is where the savings are achieved. The configurators can be used immediately, and should be able to configure to the vast majority of your product line. From there, the models can be modified as time permits to do almost any other gee-wizardry that you may wish. You get up to speed fast, and learn the details along the way.

Stay Ahead of The Technology Curve!

Subscribers to the forum (first year is free with initial purchase of the Package Deal) will have access to any updates in workflows, be notified of modeling methodologies as they emerge, have access to high-end tutorials, as well as access to the other members for help on a variety of issues. Subscribers will also have access to the beta versions of the cabinetmaking software as it becomes available, and will be eligible for a discount on the shipping version when available.





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