In a nutshell, you get: A set of and access to tutorials that describe their use and modification.

The Cabinet Configurators are fully functioning cabinet configurators that we will modify to match your exact construction methods and shop standards*. They can be used immediately, and can easily be modified either by yourself or by us as your shop grows or to add profiles, etc.

In addition to the configurators, you will have one year of access to our awesome tutorials via our TeamWeb portal. Team Web is a built-in feature in Autodesk Inventor, and is accessible right from the Inventor interface by simply clicking on the Team Web icon on the My Home tab of the Get Started ribbon…


The Configurators:

  • Master Cabinet
  • Door
  • Drawer
  • Room
  • Drawer Slide
  • Pull
  • Counter Top

 Current Configurator Related Tutorials:

Other Subscription Tutorials:

  • The 31 page Shaker Table Series Tutorial – This tutorial takes you through all of the steps needed to create an iLogic driven skeletal modeled configurator! Some of the features include automated cut-list, and sub configurators for the hanger bolt and a solid wood glue-up configurator!
  • The Drawer Cabinet Configurator – This series of tutorials is currently at 17 pages, and takes you through the construction of an all drawer cabinet configurator!
  • Mission Table Skeletal Modeling Exploration – 10 pages where I dissect the skeletal modeling of a mission style table. Great for those that are new to skeletal modeling to follow along and see the methodology up-close and personal.

Titles in the works:

  • Drawing Automation
  • CSV Output
  • RouterCIM nesting Workflow
  • Adding materials
  • Adding pulls to the pull configurator
  • Adding drawer slides to the drawer slide configurator

We have been creating a new tutorial every week or two as of late, generally 6 to 10 pages in length, but I have been known to make tutorials much larger.

Package Details and Limitations

The configurator source models are designed to be basic, building block configurators. They have a good deal of configurability in height, width, and depth, global control of material thickness on a per-job basis, automated drawer guide selection and hole change on depth change, and other automation.

Current Master Cabinet (modified to your construction standards) configurator details are as follows:

  • Width – Adjustable in width from around 12” to whatever you choose for an upper limit –generally 36”. A simple number change changes this.
  • Height – Adjustment depends on construction style, and is limited to a height which will not cause model failure without further configuration.
  • Depth – The depth is generally limited to 36” for the deepest, and about 14” for the shallowest. The driving factor on depth is the drawer, at 14” allows for a 12” drawer (depending on construction style). When there is no drawer in the unit, anything goes.
  • Kick Height – 2″ to 10″ (will be adding a No Kick option soon)
  • Shelves – Up to six adjustable shelves, or the option of none which removes shelf holes completely. Shelf pins are accounted for in the BOM.
  • Nailers – Up to two nailers. Material and thickness can be controlled globally.
  • Doors, Drawers, and Drawer Front – Option for Pair of doors or single, handed door. Single drawer, pair of drawers, sink left, sink right, sink center, no drawer, and open cabinet. Doors and drawer front are slab style, and contain all hardware machining information. Doors can be turned off for an open base with drawer, drawers, or sink versions.
  • Finish Panels – There is a switch on each cabinet’s control for selecting finished/unfinished ends.
  • Edge Band – Each cabinet is edge banded (where applicable). Cabinets automatically report total length of banding to BOM/parts lists, and parts are correct size (banding subtracted).
  • Pulls – Pulls are included via a Pull Configurator described elsewhere.
  • Drawer Guides – Skeletal configurators.
  • Hinges – Skeletal configurators
  • Sink Configuration – Configures for sink left, right, or center sink by removing drawers. Does not include false front hardware, but that option will likely be added in the near future.

All of the above specifications are subject to change as the models are improved upon pretty much continuously, but starting with the current details and specifications we modify the base configurators to meet your shop’s particular construction methods and shop standards*.  The idea is to start with a strong, stable base model and modify it from there to meet your needs. Using software developed by others assures that you will never have a leg-up on the competition because they have the same capabilities as you. With Inventor based configurators and iLogic code, not only can you become more productive than the competition, but you can be more creative. It becomes up to you, not some software developer to decide what features you need to develop your projects.

The rest of the Configurators…

The following details are subject to change. There is no way to keep this list up-to-date because we are continuously improving and adding to the source files. The latest and greatest files are always the ones available for download to subscribers along with tutorials for their usage. As of this writing, that includes;

Master Cabinet

Described above.

Base Cabinet with Three Drawers (modified to your construction standards)

This is a triple drawer unit with a base designed to match the Master Cabinet unit, with the addition of two standard (not file or other specialty) lower drawers, and the subtraction of the door features. Most of the same min/max features hold true with the exception of the height which is dependent on the drawer sizes. We set it at 24”, but that number can be adjusted.

Room Configurator

The room configurator as a basic rectilinear building block that can be placed as many times as it is needed within a master job assembly. It has controls to expose a single door and/or window (or none) per wall. Modifications can be made to any individual room without altering surrounding rooms (extra openings, soffits, wall jogs, etc). A narrow room can be a hall, a small room can be a closet, etc. There is a cabinet top attachment plane that can be used to quickly change the height of uppers, as well as a set of crown molding planes that can be used to create crown molding. The room configurator is the same with ALL packages. I will likely explore ways of adding molding as tutorials in the Subscription Forum at some point.

Pull Configurator

The pull configurator allows you to globally change the pull style. You must supply up to two models if we do not have it in stock already. The manufacturer will generally supply you with these. (You will have access to the latest version in the Subscription Forum for one year with the package offered here).

Drawer Guide Configurator

Drawer guides are supplied as low geometric overhead parts with full iProperties and correct drill pattern (drawer and cabinet sides are drilled). Guides automatically resize and adjust drill pattern with cabinet depth adjustment. Can be reported to the BOM on a per set basis or as individual parts including screws –whatever way you purchase (if your specific guides are not in our library, you need to provide the details). If your particular guides are not there already, we will configure one new guide in the master configurator. As new versions become available, they will be added to the downloads section of the subscription forum.

Master Job Assembly

This is the main assembly that is duplicated on a per-job basis (along with all other models). It holds everything for a specific job as well as the global controls. All of the models for a job are placed and configured within this global container.

Counter Configurator

We added a basic counter top configurator to the package. This configurator is generic, and will be updated continuously and available in the subscription forum.

Global Attributes

In addition to previously listed features, all cabinet models feature:

  • Automated dowel and shelf hole machining along with the reporting of dowel and shelf clip quantities to the BOM/Parts Lists.
  • Reporting of edgebanding lengths. Parts that are edge banded are sized minus the edgeband thickness.
  • Customizable top level control of many variables on a per job basis. All of the main materials and their corresponding thicknesses can be changed globally for an entire project, while still allowing you to micro manage those same details on a per-part or cabinet basis if need be.
  • Nearly everything within these cabinet models is parametric, and all features are named. This attention to design intent will allow you (based on your abilities) to build upon these base models to create the rest of your models..


Inventor outputs a Bill of Materials automatically. All of the panels and drawer parts will automatically output dimensional information that you can use to link to your machinery, or for printed parts lists. Nesting/router software such as RouterCIM are recommended for automated nesting output. Drawings are currently being added to each of the configurators as well as detailed parts lists.

Of course we can build other cabinets for you, provide additional training, consultation, or other services at our normal rates.

You get all of the above plus:

  • Access to the Advanced level tutorials where workflow and configurator setup are taught, including how to modify the hardware configurators to include new or different hardware.
  • The latest and greatest source files.
  • Any new workflows that are introduced.
  • A comment section monitored by our staff.

All for only $4,999.00 USD. At the end of the subscription, If you choose not to renew, all of the configurators you have at that time are yours to keep, you just don’t get any new updates, help, etc.

With a set of ADI Cabinet Configurators you get to plot your own future instead of waiting for a software company to develop a workflow for you ― a workflow available to everybody else as well. This is your opportunity to step ahead of the pack. We are, and will remain the cutting-edge developer for cabinetry design using Autodesk Inventor, and hope you’ll join us soon!


Additional Year Subscription to ADI Cabinet Team Web (first year is included in the Cabinetmaking Configurator Set)  – $1,200.00

*Terms and limitations

  • We reserve the right to withdraw or modify this offer at any time for any reason without prior notice.
  • Modifications made to match your companies construction style are based on and limited to 24 man hours of work.
  • Subscription is for one year’s access to updated techniques, tutorials, code snippets, forum use, and any other subscription benefits extended.
  • Configurators cannot be resold or redistributed in any way other than for internal use.
  • All models, code, etc. will be updated to the current version of Inventor six months after official release.  Some materials on the subscription website may be updated earlier to take advantage of important advances.