Configurator for Cabinetmaking – Room Creation

Configurator for Cabinetmaking – Room Creation

This is the first in a series of posts where I will go through the process of creating a commercial cabinetmaking job using Cabinet Configurators and Autodesk Inventor/iLogic. It all starts with the Room Configurator. The Room Configurator is exactly what it sounds like –a Configurator for creating rooms……. And by rooms, I really mean spaces. A room can be a hall, a closet, an actual room, or any other space within a project. These building blocks are combined and configured until they represent the project at-hand. The Room Configurator is for rectilinear entities only. Any special shapes are created as a modification to the placed instance of the configurator, such as the jog in the wall in the Office of this job…

This is a set of rooms created with a configurator made using Autodesk Inventor and iLogic.

Placing the Room Configurator

The process of creating this container which will hold your cabinets (and millwork if applicable) does not take very long, and makes it a breeze to work on the rest of the project. If you have multiple designers, each can work in a different room using the same set of job-specific global variables. Management can literally see the progress of the job by having the master model open and hitting update. Very slick stuff.

Separate rooms or assemblages of rooms can also be worked on out-of-house when you just don’t have the manpower to get thing done yourself in the timeframe you need to –or perhaps there is an incredibly difficult area you want to hand off to some super-duper modeling pro’s like those at ADI 😉 In fact, the entire project or select parts of it can be done in the cloud….. no more passing models around via ftp, email, and other antiquated forms of collaboration. I’ll get into that in more detail in another post, but look at some of the stuff in the link for an idea.

The Room Configurator Video

Back to the Room Configurator. The video below shows a speeded up version of the creation of the sample job that I will work through over the course of several posts…


I did not time how long it took to create the completed model as seen in the video, but it was less than an hour. I could probably create the entire job in less than two hours, but haven’t done a speed test as of yet. The next post and video will be out shortly so subscribe to updates or check back often. If you want us to get started on your own set of Cabinet Configurators, or if there is any other way we can be of service, contact us with the details. Thanks!

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