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Our Custom Product Configurator now has a Responsive Interface! A custom product configurator needs to have controls that are easy for the end user to define exactly what flavor of your product they desire. Options that are not possible at a certain

Credit Card Fulfillment to Increase Sales Credit Card Fulfillment is an absolute must for sales on the internet. First and foremost, research shows that credit cards increase the probability, speed and size of customer purchases…. by a minimum of 30%.  Couple

An Embedded Product Configurator with pricing lets your customers design and purchase your product all by themselves! If you have not visited our website lately, you may have missed an exciting new development – the ability to place an embedded product configurator on

The Sectional Flight Conveyor Screws Complete… The Sectional Flight Conveyor Screws — CEMA Standard No. 300-002 — were added to the configurator, but we went WAY beyond that with the underlying model to align it more closely with an actual detailing methodology

Screw Conveyor Spouts – A Progress Report The Screw Conveyor Spouts have been added to the model (along with other things) and the model is now approaching the state where it looks much like the first model from an earlier post this subject  — but

The Move to CEMA Standard 350 is Under Way! Our copy of the  CEMA Standard 350 arrived last week, and reading through the majority of it, I decided to start a fresh model based entirely on those standards. The old model

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