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Bad Material Name Fix The bad Material name error, as can be seen in the image below, is caused by Inventor itself. For some unknown reason, inventor will lose track of the Material and Appearance Library settings, and revert back

To change the file names for a configurator is fairly easy. The first thing to do is open the file explicitly by right clicking on the file in the browser tree, then selecting Open from the context menu…  You will

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If you already went through the Placing the and Configuring the Rooms tutorial, you should already have a good grasp of how to place a configurator using the Place iLogic Component command, so I won’t dwell on the minutiae of

As you may have noticed, as you place configurators, Inventor automatically creates the files for you in the same folder as the master assembly that the configurators are placed in –in this case, the Medical Depot.iam…

The rooms are compass oriented with one door and one window available per wall, which is plenty in most cases. When more openings are needed, it is very easy to create them. The first ‘room’ to be placed will be

To begin with, a Floor Plan within your model is not necessary. You need something to tell you the size of your room or rooms, but that could be a sketch on a napkin. For this example, I was given

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