Cabinet Web Portal

Cabinet Web Portal via the Team Web CommandThe Cabinet Web Portal

The Cabinet Web Portal is a special cloud-based site that is accessable directly within Autodesk Inventor for those who are subscribed. All you need to do is open Inventor, and click the Team Web command on the My Home tab on the Get Started ribbon…

Clicking the Team Web command will open the Cabinet Web Portal right in Inventor…

Applied Design Intelligence's Cabinet Web Portal

Within the portal you have access to all of the subscription-only tutorials, — with area comment on each page where you can ask and get answers to your questions — downloads of the latest versions of all of the configurators, the tutorial source files, script downloads, and more. Below is an image of one of the Cabinet Configurators available in the download section of the Portal…

This is the main base cabinet Configurator included in the Cabinetmakers Configurator Package on the Cabinet Web Portal

For a list of what is currently available in the Cabinet Web Portal (it’s added to regularly), there is a brief description on the Configurator Package Deal for Cabinetmakers page, and a more lengthy description on the What You Get with the Cabinetmaking Configurator Set page.

Also, if you need a different focus for your tutorials based on your specific needs, we can custom write tutorials that can be accessed by all of your employees from within a custom Team Web Portal. Just contact us with your thoughts and we’ll make it happen.