Automated Face and Grain Direction

Automated Face and Grain Direction with Autodesk Inventor/RouterCIM

 The following video demonstrates the ability to override the built-in grain and face direction controls in RouterCIM from within a Autodesk Inventor using Automated Face and Grain Direction techniques that create both manual overrides as well as fully automated overrides that trigger based on your own needs. 


I’ve included some screen shots so that you can see some of the things in the video, as well as some things not in the video, in more detail. The one below shows the part level Orientation form being created…

Creating an Autodesk Inventor Form during Automated Face and Grain Direction creation

 The image below shows the Style and Size tab of main form for the base cabinet configurator shown in the video. If you are new to Inventor, these forms feature drag & drop creation, and are very easily modified to suit your own needs. You can even create multiple forms for a single configurator if you like…

Automated Face and Grain Direction applied during the Base Cabinet Configurator Form creation

 I added the Orientation tab just for this video/blog post, and it literally took a minute to do so…


The Orientation tab of the Configurator's form shown during Automated Face and Grain Direction

 As you can see, you can create a platform that suits your needs exactly, and not have to rely on a software manufacturer to get to the features you need ‘some day’. 

Automated Face and Grain Direction control is just one of the nearly limitless possibilities a cabinet shop has at its disposal by using iLogic and advanced modeling techniques. Our Configurator Packages supply the raw models and base code, and the tutorials available to members are continuously added upon to help teach our members how to add automation to their version of our configurators in whatever way they see fit.  


Please note that as of this writing, the Face Orientation functionality is not yet functional in RouterCIM. When it is, we will post an update to that effect. At any rate, the ability to control the functionality via iLogic should remain unchanged.


If you need more information, please use our contact form to make a request.

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