How to Cut Multiple Solids

This quick little How-To shows how to cut multiple solids in a single operation. If you want to follow along, the base file with the putz work can be downloaded here.

I’ll demonstrate a hole pattern and an edge detail in this how-to –both of which will be performed on multiple solid bodies in a single part file. Firstly, open the base file if you haven’t already, and click on the Hole Tool on the Modify Panel. Set the Placement option at Linear, and click on the top surface of the pair of boards. You should now have something like the image below…

Multi Solid Body editing

…the Reference 1 selector should now be active –use it to select one of the long edges. A measurement to the hole from that edge will appear, along with the Edit Dimension dialog, click on the ‘More’ arrow in the dialog and choose Measure…

The Hole Dialog

Edit Dimension Dialog …click on the narrow width of the board, it should now read 3 in in your Edit Dimension dialog. Just add / 2 (divided by 2), and accept the value. The hole is now centered on the board, and your dimension should read 1.500. Now select that narrow width again to begin the second reference, and click on the previous dimension to use the 1.500 value.


Setting The reference Dimensions

In the Termination options, choose Through All, and set the hole type to Countersink. The hole size does not matter, set it at whatever you like. Now get the Solids selector tool from the left side of the dialog, and select the bottom board so that they are both participating in the procedure. Both boards should now be outlined in whatever color your color scheme uses. If you expand the Solid Bodies folder, you will see both solids selected there as well.

Selecting The Solid Bodies

The Hole Thru Multi Solid Bodies



You should now have a hole through both parts. If you were to pattern this feature, you would have to make sure that you selected the second part again as multiple solids are never the default.



Now select the Fillet tool from the Modify Panel. Grab the Solid Selector from the dialog right away and select both solids. Set your fillet to whatever you wish, and select both corners as shown below…

The Fillet Tool On a Multi Solid Bodies

Inventor's Browser Bar showing Multi Solid Bodies






Click OK and you’re done modeling.






Now expand the solid bodies to expose their features, and you will see everything just created in each of the bodies. The completed file is here if you need it. Have a great day…








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