Autodesk Inventor Consulting by World Class Inventor Experts!

Are you on the right track with your Autodesk Inventor implementation? Does your Design/Engineering department really know what they are doing with Inventor? Was the training by your Autodesk re-seller adequate? Are you going down the right road with your Inventor software, or are you trying to force Inventor to behave like your previous software?

A smattering of training hours or self training in a program as extensive as Autodesk Inventor can lead incredibly unproductive workflows. Forcing outmoded file structures or design practices on software that functions inherently different will waste enormous amounts of productivity, and could lead to incredible loss of money if a model implodes near deadline time. At best, you will not gain from the inherent time savings of intelligent parametric modeling if you are using Inventor incorrectly.

Let Applied Design Intelligence’s Inventor experts look holistically at your Autodesk Inventor/iLogic design scheme and recommend ways to get you on the right track. A phone call or email could be the difference between success and failure!

Autodesk Inventor Consulting Suggestions:

One Day


  • Audit current design process and modeling/coding schema
  • Recommend improvements and best practices
  • Recommend a general path to take and warn where obstacles lie.
  • Spot Training – Answer your specific modeling questions via email (great for individualized training!).

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Five Days


  • Carry out an audit of your key procedures and processes.
  • Interview the primary stakeholders including, as appropriate, members of your design/engineering department, sales, marketing, product and senior management teams to gain an understanding of their needs audit existing systems and processes.
  • Recommend workflows and processes to resolve the primary issues identified by the review.
  • Produce a set of suggested steps that will evolve your systems and processes towards the recommended target while supporting your planned business objectives.

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Ten Days


  • Deliver custom tailored Modeling Plan and Design Flow Chart that spell out how things are to be done from here on in.
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding as to what Inventor is capable of, and how it will benefit you as a company.
  • Ensure that you achieve ‘buy in’ from all of your stakeholders, allowing them the chance to work with the software and provide their considered views before any decision are made.

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Other possibilities…

  • Check Design Workflows
  • Review Employees Modeling Expertise
  • Check File Structure
  • Recommend Best Practices
  • Create Comprehensive Report
  • Create Plan for Lean Engineering

The above packages are merely suggestions based on experience. Your needs may be very different, and we would love to accommodate them with a consultancy package designed specifically to fill your needs. Please contact Cindy with any questions or to set up a consultancy package today!



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