Year: 2015

The Sectional Flight Conveyor Screws Complete… The Sectional Flight Conveyor Screws — CEMA Standard No. 300-002 — were added to the configurator, but we went WAY beyond that with the underlying model to align it more closely with an actual detailing methodology

Screw Conveyor Spouts – A Progress Report The Screw Conveyor Spouts have been added to the model (along with other things) and the model is now approaching the state where it looks much like the first model from an earlier post this subject  — but

The Move to CEMA Standard 350 is Under Way! Our copy of the  CEMA Standard 350 arrived last week, and reading through the majority of it, I decided to start a fresh model based entirely on those standards. The old model

Screw Conveyor Model Progress Report The Screw Conveyor Model is complete (for now), and things work flawlessly as you will see in the video below. We have just received our copy of  Screw Conveyors for Bulk Materials (ANSI/CEMA Standard #350),

Screw Conveyor Configurator The Screw Conveyor Configurator tutorial series is underway as the base Tutorial Series in our new Mechanical Web Portal. If you are new to this type of tutorial, there are several of our earlier ones over in our Free Tutorial

Autodesk Inventor Tutorials from ODP are now here at ADI! As many of our longtime visitors and clients are aware, we also maintained — for better or worse — a website called OpenDesignProject. The ODP was started in 2008 as

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