Month: April 2013

Online Configurator I am currently alpha testing a new online configurator application that may be of great interest to our clientele here at ADI. It is an online capability for configurators that could drastically improve sales for those of you

Revit Interoperability has been part of Autodesk Inventor for some time now, but the newest version of Inventor, Inventor 2014, has upped the ante a bit. They have now added tools to simplify parts and assemblies for export, as well as

If you already went through the Placing the and Configuring the Rooms tutorial, you should already have a good grasp of how to place a configurator using the Place iLogic Component command, so I won’t dwell on the minutiae of

As you may have noticed, as you place configurators, Inventor automatically creates the files for you in the same folder as the master assembly that the configurators are placed in –in this case, the Medical Depot.iam…

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