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The rooms are compass oriented with one door and one window available per wall, which is plenty in most cases. When more openings are needed, it is very easy to create them. The first ‘room’ to be placed will be

To begin with, a Floor Plan within your model is not necessary. You need something to tell you the size of your room or rooms, but that could be a sketch on a napkin. For this example, I was given

Now to get to work on the Medical Depot job. Start inventor, and click Projects on the Launch panel. Select Browse to the job folder you just created, and select the project file – in this case, Medical  Depot.ipj. The

File Management As of yet, we have not tried the workflow herein using Vault. The workflow should be the same with the exception of the checking in and out of files. You need to remember that this is a set

Placing the Cabinet Configurators In this post, we’ll place the Cabinet Configurators. If you haven’t already read the blog post and seen the video on placing the Room Configurators, you should head over there and see the process from the

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Configurator for Cabinetmaking – Room Creation This is the first in a series of posts where I will go through the process of creating a commercial cabinetmaking job using Cabinet Configurators and Autodesk Inventor/iLogic. It all starts with the Room

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