Year: 2013

Online Configurators Can be a Flash in the Pan In my email a few days ago, I found an invite from somebody in the ” Information Technology and Services” sector to join their professional network. I accepted (not really sure

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Bad Material Name Fix The bad Material name error, as can be seen in the image below, is caused by Inventor itself. For some unknown reason, inventor will lose track of the Material and Appearance Library settings, and revert back

Configurator Maximus The base cabinet in our cabinet configurator set has received several new capabilities that make it close to the only configurator needed by many shops….. so much so, that the name no longer makes much sense. Our original

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To change the file names for a configurator is fairly easy. The first thing to do is open the file explicitly by right clicking on the file in the browser tree, then selecting Open from the context menu…  You will

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….or, what I did last summer, then the restructure stuff. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I have been incredibly busy as of late. As of this year, I am the new Autodesk Inventor Instructor at a major

Edge Banding Capabilities in Inventor Configurators Can your configurators handle edge banding? I’ve been asked that question several times as of late, and have done a good deal of modeling and code writing related to edge banding, so I put

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